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Category Archives: Immigration

How President Obama’s Executive Order Will Help Business and Create Jobs

When people debate President Obama’s recent Executive Action on Immigration, they tend to talk about his deportation protection for undocumented immigrants ignoring many of the other aspects of the order. For instance, there is little attention given to the changes that will enable job-creating entrepreneurs to legally enter and operate in the US. One goal… Read More »

Are You, or Someone You Know, Eligible for Obama’s Deportation Relief?

I am amazed by the rumors circulating around the internet about the relief that President Obama gave by executive order last week. Some call it “amnesty for illegals” and others say that it will encourage more undocumented immigrants to come to the United States. But, the truth is that President Obama’s executive order does neither…. Read More »

Eric Ludin’s Response to Criticism of President Obama’s Executive Order

In the Tampa Bay Times editorial page on November 21, 2014, President Obama is criticized for issuing an Executive Order protecting millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Pasted below is the letter to the editor that I sent in response. Dear Editor, I was deeply disappointed with your editorial criticizing President Obama’s executive order on… Read More »

President Obama Promises to Help Fix the Immigration System

Tonight at 8 pm President Obama promises to take executive action to help fix the broken immigration system. In an e-mail sent to supporters this afternoon, Obama said, It’s been more than 500 days since the Senate passed a comprehensive, bipartisan reform bill, and the House has shown no signs of movement. Every day we… Read More »

President Obama to Announce Immigration Executive Order on November 20th

In a facebook post, President Obama announced that he will be delivering a speech on Thursday, November 20th at 8pm EST to explain the steps he intends to take to prevent the deportation of many undocumented immigrants. It is estimated that this executive order will effect up to 5 million immigrants. The President stated that… Read More »

December 2014 Visa Bulletin Shown Modest Changes

The State Department publishes a monthly report showing immigrant visa availability for family and business immigrants. The categories are described in the bulletin and depend on the priority date, or the date when the immigrant petition was filed with the Department of Homeland Security. The wait times for family based petitions shortened slightly. As for… Read More »

Three Ways to Immigrate to the United States

Yesterday we wrote about the 53 main visas that one can apply for to enter the United States. Just because you get a visa does not mean that you can immigrate to the U.S. By immigrate, we mean come here to live permanently as a lawful permanent resident with a green card.  There are only… Read More »

53 Reasons Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

The last time I counted, there were 53 non-immigrant visas available for people to enter the United States. Each visa begins with a letter from the alphabet followed by a number. The total list of visas looks like an alphabet soup and ranges from A-1 to S-7. When I read through the list of visas,… Read More »

Top Five Reasons to Hire Tucker & Ludin for Your Immigration Case

Our Experience: When it comes to your immigration case, your attorney’s reputation is as important as yours. Our immigration lawyers have been practicing law for over 35 years.   Each immigration matter is unique and has its own set of facts and challenges. With our experience we have had the opportunity to successfully overcome many… Read More »

Immigration Victory for Victims of Domestic Violence from Guatemala

The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled in late August 2014 that Guatemalan victims of domestic violence qualify for asylum as a “particular social group”. The lead Applicant in the case was a Guatemalan woman who was abused on a weekly basis by her husband in Guatemala. The beatings started after she gave birth to their… Read More »