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Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Lawyer in St. Petersburg/St. Pete and Tampa

Has your Life Insurance or Accidental Death or Dismemberment Claim Been Denied?

Many people are surprised at how many life insurance claims are denied. Life insurers will deny claims for many reasons. The experienced life insurance attorneys of Tucker & Ludin will fight for you to get the benefits you deserve.

Just because the insurance company tells you they have a reason to deny your claim does not mean they are right. When a multi-million dollar insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim for life insurance benefits after your loved one has died, you can fight them. Luckily, the experienced Florida life insurance attorneys of Tucker & Ludin are on your side.

Our lawyers have successfully fought various denials on behalf of our clients, including—

  • Problems with beneficiary designation form;
  • Disputes about which beneficiary should get paid;
  • Insurance company claims that a death was not an accident;
  • Conversion of life insurance from group to individual coverage;
  • Premium waiver for disability—if you have been seriously injured, your insurance policy may require the insurance company to waive your premium payments;
  • Employer mistakes in enrolling employees in group/ERISA insurance plans; and
  • Credit life insurance on mortgages or other loans

We offer a free phone consultation to talk about how we can assist you to recover life insurance benefits and accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefits. Call Tucker & Ludin today at (813) 594-5000 or (727) 572-5000.