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Securities Law Firm in Florida

Helping you recover investment losses caused by broker fraud violations

Not all stock market losses can be recovered from the broker or brokerage firm.  But Tucker & Ludin has nearly 20 years of experience fighting for clients who have lost money due to:

Florida securities laws are complex and not all client losses in the market can be recovered from the broker or dealer.  However, our law firm is experienced in assessing the merits of potential claims and pursuing a recovery of client losses.  We can answer some of your common questions on our securities FAQ's page.

Pursuing these types of claims can be time-consuming and expensive.  A securities attorney in Florida at our firm can be counted on to handle your case as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing results.  Our securities law firm may be able to represent you on a contingency fee basis, with your only obligation being payment of costs.  Contact us today for a free telephone consultation with a skilled attorney at our Florida securities law firm.


Securities fraud is a term that describes any deceptive practice in the stock and trading markets, including false reports to the SEC, insider trading, and stockbroker embezzlement.  Our law firm focuses on fraud that affects the individual. 

Stockbrokers are duty-bound to disclose information about stocks and investments and to act in the best interest of their clients.  Most of our securities fraud cases involve a broker's failure to inform clients of all material facts about their investments, and the client suffers losses as a result.

Unauthorized claims

Brokers must have a client's authorization to make any trade, unless the broker has signed authorization to trade without the client's approval. This is a rare case, since most trading is completed over the phone. Our law firm has successfully handled numerous unauthorized trading cases due to a lack of written evidence required for discretionary trading and argued that verbal authorization did not take place.


Usually, a broker only earns a fee when he or she buys or sells a security. If there are no trades, the broker does not make money. Churning occurs when a stock broker exercises unnecessary trades in your account for the primary purpose of generating a commission.

Churning flouts the client's best interest and puts the client at risk. If a broker churns your account, you lose money by paying the broker's commission and by paying the short-term capital gains taxes on the profit earned from the sale of the security. Furthermore, you cannot benefit from appreciation of the security after it is sold.  Often, these securities are "turned over" so many times that it is impossible to realize any profit from the transactions and your portfolio may lose value.


A securities dealer has a duty to only recommend investments that are suitable for a client in light of the client's financial situation and needs.  Before executing any transaction, a broker must make reasonable efforts to obtain information concerning the client's financial status, tax status, investment objectives, and other information that is considered relevant in making a recommendation.

Unfortunately, a broker may recommend risky investments to someone who does not have the ability or the desire to risk a financial loss.  If your broker has enticed you into a risky investment that you did not want to make, you may have a suitability claim.  In order to pursue such a claim against a broker, we must be familiar with your personal financial situation and the documentation the broker had when he or she made their recommendation.  Our experience in securities law helps us assess your situation and build a strong case to restore your financial integrity.

Broker/dealer liability

You may have the right to sue your broker for the money you have lost because of his or her advice.  Florida law firm Tucker & Ludin has nearly two decades of experience assessing the merits of potential claims and pursuing recovery of client losses.  We study your claim to determine whether the broker violated any state or federal laws, made unauthorized trades, churned your account, provided unsuitable advice, or otherwise breached duties owed to a client.

Pursuing these types of claims in Florida securities litigation can be time consuming and expensive, but we commit to handling your case as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing results.  Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your case and determine a possible contingency fee basis for your case.

International claims

Most large U.S. brokerage firms have branches throughout the world. While these offices are located in other countries, their company policies are still bound by United States securities law.

Most U.S.-based brokerage firms provide in their account agreements that claims made against them must be filed in arbitration in the United States. This often discourages foreign investors from pursuing losses caused by the broker's negligence or breach of the duties they owe to their customer.

Tucker & Ludin has experience representing European and South American investors with claims against U.S.-based brokerage firms.  We can help you recover the money you unjustly lost by cutting the international red tape and working as your United States advocates.

Do not let broker violations ruin your financial integrity

Whether you have lost your money due to fraud, broker deception or incompetence, or overseas legal restrictions, Tampa Bay law firm Tucker & Ludin can help you.  Twenty years of experience in securities claims and litigation build a strong foundation for your case.  Contact us today to speak to one of our skilled Florida investment attorneys and get started on recovering your losses.