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Veterans Disability Claims…in Florida and Across the U.S.A.

You have seen enough battle.  Let us fight for you.

Veterans are the backbone of America.  These men and women have served the United States with honor, and many have ended their service with disabilities – physical and mental.  At Tucker & Ludin, it is our privilege to help these heroes recover compensation and pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that they deserve.

National VA disability benefit representation

The good news is that there is a system in place for veterans and their families to obtain benefits for their disabilities – both physical and mental.  The bad news is that the process is long and may require many appeals.  

Tucker & Ludin, while located in Tampa Bay, does not limit its veteran cases to Florida residents.  Our VA Disability law firm helps military service personnel and their families throughout the United States.

John Tucker, our lead VA disability attorney, is accredited to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (often called “the veterans court”). 

The facts on veterans disability claims and benefits

Veterans, their spouses and children are eligible for different types of VA compensation benefits based on disability.  The disability must be related to a veteran’s military service, and benefits are paid based upon the type and degree of disability.

Generally, a veteran has to pass a three-part test to qualify for compensation:

  • There must be a current disability which is diagnosed by a medical professional;
  • There must have been an injury, disease or event that occurred during service which brought about the current condition; and
  • There must be medical evidence of a nexus between the current disability and the in-service occurrence (i.e., they must be tied together).

The first step to obtaining these benefits is to file a claim. You can do that online at If your claim is denied, a skilled veterans benefits lawyer in Florida at our law firm can help you file a Notice of Disagreement, file your appeal, and represent you in all proceedings after that.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs does not make benefit recovery easy.  Our veterans benefits lawyers in Florida have extensive experience in this particular area of law.  Because we handle many other types of disability claims, we have unique experience that many attorneys or non-attorney representatives do not have, and we are also able to handle other types of claim for you, including Social Security Disability.  This makes our firm the top choice for navigating the government benefits systems.  For a quick guide on the VA disability claims process, see the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

We help veterans get the compensation they need.  Let us help you.

In 2007, Former President Bush signed a bill into law permitting veterans to hire attorneys to represent them in their claims once there has been a denial by the Regional Office (RO).  Tucker & Ludin has been assisting veterans and their families since then at the Board of Veterans Appeals, the Veterans Court and on remand back to the RO.  We look forward to helping you get the compensation or pension benefits you deserve.  Contact our Florida veterans benefits law firm for help today.