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ERISA—Employee Benefit Claims

Assisting clients throughout the United States

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a federal law that governs health and pension plans from your employer.  ERISA covers any employee benefit offered by a private employer.  The ERISA attorneys of Tucker & Ludin handle employee benefit claims for individuals and small businesses across Florida and are capable of taking cases throughout the United States.  Our firm handles the following types of ERISA claims:

  • Disability benefits
  • Health benefits (where the claim is over $50,000)
  • Life and accidental death benefits
  • 401k claims—particularly where an employer or administrator has failed to properly deposit funds
  • Pension claims

Since ERISA is a federal law, these claims are argued in federal courts and litigated differently than other kinds of disability claims.  For your employee benefit claim, contact the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay lawyers at Tucker & Ludin.

Disability benefits

Disability insurance benefits are designed to protect you in the unfortunate event that an injury or sickness prevents you from working.  Disability insurance—also known as income replacement insurance—may be purchased through your employer or on your own.  The vast majority of ERISA claims relate to disability benefits, and Tucker & Ludin attorneys handle all types of ERISA disability claims.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how many disability insurance claims are denied.  As experienced employee benefit recovery lawyers, Tucker & Ludin can handle all disability benefit claims and their appeals.

Life insurance benefits

Like heath care and pension plans, life insurance benefits that an employee or the employee's dependent gets through a private employer are subject to ERISA. ERISA has peculiar rules, and you want an attorney that has ERISA litigation experience if your claim for ERISA life insurance benefits is denied.

Life insurance protects your family from the loss of your earning power in case you die. Tucker & Ludin works to protect you when the insurance company denies a life insurance or accidental death insurance claim. ERISA attorneys at Tucker & Ludin fight aggressively to help you recover life insurance benefits that are denied.

Subrogation and reimbursement

Subrogation and reimbursement are legal claims asserted by health and disability insurance companies to recover benefits they have to pay to claimants hurt in accidents caused by other parties' negligence.  The most common subrogation/reimbursement scenario involves a person hurt in a car accident who goes to a hospital or doctor. If the medical provider's bill is paid under a health plan, the health plan administrator has a right to try to recoup the amount that was paid from either the driver that caused the accident (through subrogation) or from the injured person (through reimbursement).

While many courts have blurred the distinction between reimbursement and subrogation, there remains a meaningful distinction between these two types of claims. Either way, if an insurance company is coming after you for money, call Tucker & Ludin, experienced ERISA lawyers in the Tampa Bay area. 

Helping injured people get compensated

Insurance companies have very experienced in-house counsel to pursue subrogation and reimbursement payments from the allegedly negligent parties and to deny valid disability and life insurance claims.  It is critical that you have seasoned disability benefit recovery lawyers on your side to fight big insurance carriers to help you get what you deserve.  For your ERISA claim, contact Tucker & Ludin in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay, FL for a free initial consultation today.