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Author Archives: Eric E. Ludin

Tucker & Ludin Wins Adjustment of Status Case in Immigration Court

Tucker & Ludin successfully defended a client from Eastern Europe against removal from the United States by winning his Adjustment of Status case in immigration court. The client was previously represented by other counsel, who failed to recognize that the client was subject to a previous removal order many years earlier. As a result, the… Read More »

Tucker & Ludin Wins L1-B Visa Case for Employee with “Specialized Knowledge”

The immigration attorneys at Tucker & Ludin are often asked why it is necessary to retain counsel to assist with immigration matters that look to be nothing more than filling out on-line forms. In fact, sometimes these applications may appear simple, but getting them approved requires experience, legal training and ability to provide detailed evidence…. Read More »

Should you Consular Process or Adjust Your Status in the United States?

Client’s often ask us whether they should wait to get their permanent residence in the United States or process their immigrant visa through an embassy abroad.  We always advise our clients to remain in the United States until their adjustment is completed. However, there are some instances where clients must leave the country before that… Read More »

Prior Use of Executive Action to Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Since President Obama issued his outline of his Executive Order regarding immigration, many people have asked me if this was unprecedented .  I have responded by stating that there is a long history of President’s issuing an executive order to protect immigrants and that it is not a politically partisan issue. In fact, Republican Presidents… Read More »

Israeli Knesset Nears Approval of E2 Treaty with US

 After a very long wait, Israeli and American citizens will soon be able to invest money in their respective countries and gain visas because of their investments. President Obama signed the law in 2012 but the treaty had not gone into effect because of the Israeli Knesset’s failure to ratify it. On August 13, 2014,… Read More »

How President Obama’s Executive Order Will Help Business and Create Jobs

When people debate President Obama’s recent Executive Action on Immigration, they tend to talk about his deportation protection for undocumented immigrants ignoring many of the other aspects of the order. For instance, there is little attention given to the changes that will enable job-creating entrepreneurs to legally enter and operate in the US. One goal… Read More »

Are You, or Someone You Know, Eligible for Obama’s Deportation Relief?

I am amazed by the rumors circulating around the internet about the relief that President Obama gave by executive order last week. Some call it “amnesty for illegals” and others say that it will encourage more undocumented immigrants to come to the United States. But, the truth is that President Obama’s executive order does neither…. Read More »

Eric Ludin’s Response to Criticism of President Obama’s Executive Order

In the Tampa Bay Times editorial page on November 21, 2014, President Obama is criticized for issuing an Executive Order protecting millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Pasted below is the letter to the editor that I sent in response. Dear Editor, I was deeply disappointed with your editorial criticizing President Obama’s executive order on… Read More »

President Obama Promises to Help Fix the Immigration System

Tonight at 8 pm President Obama promises to take executive action to help fix the broken immigration system. In an e-mail sent to supporters this afternoon, Obama said, It’s been more than 500 days since the Senate passed a comprehensive, bipartisan reform bill, and the House has shown no signs of movement. Every day we… Read More »

President Obama to Announce Immigration Executive Order on November 20th

In a facebook post, President Obama announced that he will be delivering a speech on Thursday, November 20th at 8pm EST to explain the steps he intends to take to prevent the deportation of many undocumented immigrants. It is estimated that this executive order will effect up to 5 million immigrants. The President stated that… Read More »