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What Are My Disability Options?

You have worked hard all of your life. Now, you are disabled and can no longer do your job. You may be concerned about paying your bills and providing for your family. Help is available. In fact, you have several disability options, depending on your unique situation. Talk to your Florida disability claims lawyer about… Read More »

What to Do When a Life Insurance Claim is Denied

Choosing to purchase a life insurance policy helps ensure the financial security of your loved ones in the tragic event you pass away. The last thing you want is the insurance company to deny a valid claim when your loved one tries to collect the compensation owed. If your spouse or close relative has died… Read More »

How to Get a Green Card

Thousands of immigrants come to America each year to be with their families, get married or start a new life. Most enter the United States using an immigrant or non-immigrant visa, which solidifies temporary residency status. To achieve permanent residency, you must obtain a “Green Card.” The process isn’t always easy, often requiring a mountain… Read More »

All About Unfair and Illegal Wage Practices

No doubt you work hard for a living. You rely upon regular paychecks to provide a safe home for your family and keep food on the table. However, what happens when your employer unfairly reduces your wages, makes illegal deductions or doesn’t pay you for your overtime hours? In these cases, you may be the… Read More »